Terms of Service:

  • Tech Support is only available between the following hours: 9 am – 11 pm EST. 7 days a week.
  • Tech Support hours may change in a future, but you will be instantly notified by email or phone call.
  • This is 12 month minimum agreement.
  • We might add more features or exclude certain features to this package and then notify you that we can do more for your website if we expand this package.
  • Your 1st assigned basic tech support specialist:  Sumit W.
  • Your 2nd assigned advanced tech support specialist: Alexander K.
  • You do not hold us responsible for anything that happens to your website if it gets outdated and not maintained if you stop paying to us for your monthly “Site Support” of $25/mo.
  • You do not hold us responsible if you forget to pay your hosting provider or if your hosting expires due to expired credit card on file or cancelled method of payment to your hosting provider.
  • All repairs on the website get completed between 2 hours and 14 days. Most of our repairs get completed within 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • This is a 1 year minimum agreement that gives you 50% OFF for your “Site Support Subscription”. Your total will be $25 per month, for 12 month.
  • To terminate this agreement earlier $250 one time fee will be required.
  • This is 1 time offer that can be used only within 30 days since the day of one of your latest orders or completed projects with Create Website Service LLC.
  • In case of non-payment of this monthly plan – site owner agrees to have his website placed in temporarily unavailable mode, until the payment is submitted for Basic Site Support month that payment has been missed for.
  • No Charge Backs Allowed with your bank or Credit Card Provider.
  • In Case of Charge Back – you agree to pay all legal fees to Create Website Service LLC for any pursuit of legal action that we will take to recover our financial business loss, damage, time loss, inconvenience and unnecessary expanses caused by intentional or not intentional, careless, or on purpose made charge back for any reason.
  • To cancel this agreement and subscription – client can contact us by phone, email or text to request cancellation of this subscription. Early cancellation will result in additional fee that is previously mentioned in this agreement.

Agreement is between: Create Website Service, LLC and website owner & business owner that is filling out their information on “Automatic Billing”.

By Clicking on this link below to visit our website and then clicking on “Automatic Billing” button on our website – you accept all of our terms of services and entire agreement and subscription with all our services that are included and described in this email in section 1 and section 2. Click here to proceed to subscribe to $25/mo Site Support for 12 month minimum. Agreement renews automatically on the 12th month for another 12 month period if cancellation notice is not submitted to Create Website Service LLC on the 11th month since the day of Subscription with “Automated Billing” through our PayPal payment processing service.

Basic Site Support ($25/mo)

Agreement & Terms of Service

Section 1. Your Subscription Includes all of the following: 

  • 30 minutes per month of professional support on your website per month over the phone
  • Up to 3 pages that can have content changed, removed or added. Content that would be written by you only.
  • Quick repair of any damages on your website that could be caused by updates, out-dated plugins, or from accident damage caused by your own editing on your website.
  • Adding up to 20 images per month to your website that you would email us to upload on your website and place it properly on your desired location, page or post.
  • Email Support, Email Set Up and Email Assistance for Your Professional Website Email Address.
  • Every Month you will be emailed about new updates on your WordPress Application
  • Every Month you will be emailed about new Meta Data entered on your website to help your website’s SEO. (This is basic feature of SEO marketing that we add just to support your website).
  • Every Month you will be emailed about your “Website Visitors Statistics and Analysis”. This feature will email you once a month to let you know how many website visitors you have on your website.

Section 2. Your Subscription Does Not Include: 

  • Changes to Entire Website Design (changing header of your website, changing entire design)
  • Changes or requests for new designs in a field of Graphic Design (new business card design, new logo design, new flyer design)
  • No marketing included. No advanced SEO. No Social Media Marketing or Social Media Accounts Entry to Make Changes on Social Media Pages that you own.
  • All services limited to maximum of 30 minutes per month. Limited to be served only during our tech support hours of   7 am to 11 pm EST with – Sumit W.  developers and support specialists available 7 days a week. Your primary support specialist – Sumit W.

Basic Site Support